Fitness Apps

1. Workout Trainer
Stuck in a rut with the same old workout? Doing the same workout every day stops challenging your muscles. You need to change your workouts to improve your fitness.

Workout Trainer provides users with thousands of free exercises with audio instructions and video. You can insert the muscles group the you would like worked. Workout Trainer will provide you with an exercise routine. You can also build custom routines and share them with the app’s community.

2. Fitted Lifts

Fitted Lifts is for experienced athletes who have been using a pen and paper to record their weightlifting sets. The app has a database of exercises. You can use the database to create and log a routine. Each exercise is categorized by muscle groups worked to make it easier to create an efficient routine.

3. Nike+ Training Club

Have you ever wanted to workout under a celebrity trainer? Nike+ Training Club provides a close opportunity.

Users receive workouts designed by professional athletes and celebrities. The workouts can be streamed onto a television using an Apple TV, HDMI cable, or Chromecast. After completing the workout, users can share photos and a review with other Nike+ Training Club members.


Strength training and body building can take extensive research. You need to plan a workout routine that exhausts your muscles while giving them time to recover. The JEFIT app helps solve this problem.

You will receive an exercise database to thousands of routines that target specific muscle groups. JEFIT includes detailed instructions, a training log, progress tracker, and numerous timers.

5. 8fit

8fit combines meal planning and working out. You choose your fitness goals and dietary requirements. A fitness assessment helps build your customized plan, which also includes a grocery list. 8fit’s exercises are high intensity interval training.

6. Freeletics Bodyweight

Weightlifting is not for everyone! Thankfully, your body weight can create a strong fitness routine.

Freeletics Bodyweight provides users with hundreds of exercises using only body weight. You can choose your fitness level and the muscles group to strengthen. The app includes audio and video tutorials.

7. Yoga Studio

The effects of yoga are often underestimated. Vinyasa Flow can burn hundreds of calories while toning and stretching your muscles.

Gaiam’s Yoga Studio includes more than 70 yoga and meditation practices. The classes range from 10 to 60 minutes and target strength, flexibility, relaxation, and balance. A library of nearly 300 poses also helps you create your own yoga routine. Videos can be streamed to your television with an Apple TV, AirPlay, or Chromecast.


A supportive community can be a helpful tool when reaching your fitness goals. Creating that community was Active’s mission when they created their exercise app.

ACTIVEx provides custom Tabata workouts with training plans. You can record your exercise and join ACTIVEx community groups to help reach your goals. Weekly tips and motivation are sent to your phone.

Nutrition Apps

9. HealthyOut

We often consume hundreds of calories more than normal when we eat out. However, many restaurants have healthy options. The hard part is finding the dishes.

HealthyOut helps diners find healthy meals that align with their dietary preference and food sensitivities. Use the app before you go out to find a restaurant with a dish that fits your needs.

10. Calorie Counter and Food Diary

Counting calories is tough! Who can really remember how many calories are in fish versus chicken breast or thigh?
Calorie Counter and Food Diary has the nutritional information for generic and brand name foods. Save your daily meals, snacks, and deserts in your food diary. The app will also record nutritional information, such as protein and sugar, to help you stay on track.

11. Shopwell

We all make unhealthy choices at the grocery store. After all, how can we pass up the Limited Edition Mud Slide ice cream? A splurge is okay occasionally, but when it occurs every grocery trip, our healthy eating and exercise results can be paused.

Shopwell helps us make healthy choices when we grocery shop. You simply scan the bar code to record nutritional information. The app records how well the food aligns with your diet goals.

12. Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by My Fitness Pal

Losing weight requires a combination of diet and exercise.  It is essential to monitor your caloric intake when you are working toward a fitness goal.

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is one of the most popular apps for tracking your food intake. The app has a database of nearly 5,000,000 foods and the option to create a custom food entry.

13. Carbs Control

Carbs are necessary to provide your body with energy. However, carbs are very high in calories and sugar that you should consume within moderation.

Carbs Control helps you monitor your carbohydrate intake and break down your meals. The app works well for people who prioritize monitoring carbs. Other nutrition apps have an overall view of the nutrients in your food.