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Fitness 1440 Beaver Falls, PA

Beaver Falls, PA


Heather Bruce


Heather Bruce is a certified fitness coach, personal trainer group x instructor and nutrition coach with over 30 years in the fitness industry.  Her classes are designed to target every muscle in the body through the cornerstones of fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Sandy White


Sandy is a certified RIP instructor who teaches 60 minute barbell program for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Jennifer Hawthorne


Jennifer is a lively and energetic Dance Fusion instructor.  Her class incorporates high and low- impact cardio with a variety of kickboxing, dance, upper and lower body moves. 

Gretchen Wolford


Gretchen brings her expertise to RIP a 60 minute barbell program for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Rachel Hofer creates classes in Cardio Strength that consist of 50 minutes workout is a combination of strength, balance and core exercises.

Chair Mobility increases the range of motion and movement of joints with 30 minutes low-impact chair-based classes.

Michelle Pardini is our energetic Kickboxing instructor.  She mixes drills, combinations, strength and flexibility with a huge cardio burn.  Her class uses weights, mats and other equipment to keep things fun.

Amber Fox brings Vinyasa to Yoga which focuses on moving with your breath while increasing balance and strength.

James Carbone instructs Tabata, short 20 second bursts of exercise with light weights for a full body workout in 55 minutes.

This & That, the class that performs true to it’s name.  Strength, cardio, weights, calisthenics, flexibility and a whole lot of fun!

Grace Masterson teaches 45 minutes of Cycling, a low- impact, high-intensity cardio, strength and endurance class.


Focused On You

We are focused on delivering personalized and innovative training programs to each of our clients. Our trainers, staff, and instructors are always available to help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health.

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