1440 On Demand

Introducing the new 1440 OnDemand App!

No longer tied to ONLY your club for your workouts, 

1440 OnDemand is Your Workout, Your Trainer…..ANYWHERE!  

Using our interactive, customizable, heart rate inclusive app you can maximize your activity and get great results.

Everything you love about 1440- now in an app to take anywhere.

1) AT 1440– Choose your workouts based on the equipment that you want to use. No trainer- no problem. Create your workouts with our drag and drop interface based on the equipment that your club has available.

2) AT HOME– Use the equipment that you already have available to craft workouts specifically for you. No equipment- no problem. We have dozens of equipment-free exercises too.

3) AT THE PARK– Take your fitness on the road with our heart rate enabled app that can follow you anywhere.

See the staff and let us share how this amazing app can help you reach your full fitness potential. It’s free for all our members and, as a bonus, we will provide you FREE personal training session.

Watch the video to learn more