Kids Club

Child Care Rules and Regulations

Fitness 1440 provides “Kids Club” Child Care as a courtesy to its Members and Staff.  We want our children to have fun, safe experiences while they are in our club, so we ask that Parents and Children abide by the following:

“Kids Club” Child Care Availability:

Morning Hours Monday – Saturday, 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

**********Please respect the two-hour time limit for each child**********

  1. Children and grandchildren of members and guests are allowed to use “Kids Club” Child Care. Proof of legal guardianship may be requested.
  1. We accept kids from 3 months of age up to 9 years of age.
  1. Unruly behavior, such as fighting, kicking, biting, spitting or screaming are unacceptable.
  1. Plain snacks, such as crackers and pretzels, and water in non-spill containers are allowed; children are required to use designated eating areas for snacking. Babies may have bottles with formula or milk. No Peanut or peanut related products.
  1. Parents are required to sign a “Waiver and Release” before utilizing “Kids Club” Child Care or any Children’s Programs.
  1. The same person must sign the child both in and out each day.
  1. Parents must remain within the club or with a designated club program for the duration of their child’s stay in “Kids Club” Child Care. Please let staff know where you will be in the club
  1. We will not change diapers. If your child needs to be changed we will come notify you.
  1. We recommend bringing a change of clothing for each child, in case of accidents.
  1. Please LABEL all belongings; any lost items will be placed in a Lost and Found box, but Fitness 1440 cannot be responsible for any personal items.
  1. Nursing mothers are welcome to use the rocking chairs found in the infants’ area (or any other part of the facility) whenever needed.
  1. Gum and candy are not allowed in “Kids Club” Child Care at any time.
  1. Children must be supervised at all times; for their safety, please carry your child or hold hands while walking through the club.
  1. Personal toys, games and books should be left at home. If brought, they should be labeled with the child’s name.  Sharing is encouraged.
  1. Sick children must not be brought into “Kids Club” Child Care. Any child who has experienced fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, lice, unusual lethargy, or any other contagious medical condition within the prior 24 hours is not to be brought in.  If illness is suspected, parents will be notified immediately, and the child must be remain absent until he/she is symptom-free for 24 hours.  “Kids Club” Child Care Attendants are not authorized to administer any medication to children.
  1. Discipline is administered in the following means: verbal warnings, redirection, and time-out. If behavior issues continue, parents will be notified to remove the child for the day.  If behavior issues continue over multiple days, parents may be asked to refrain from bringing the child until the issue is resolved.
  1. “Kids Club” Child Care is provided as a complimentary service to Fitness 1440 Members and Staff. However, donations are accepted in order to purchase additional toys and supplies for “Kids Club” Child Care.
  2. Please be sure to notify “Kids Club” Child Care Attendants of any allergies, fears, habits, or other concerns that may affect your child’s experience at Fitness 1440’s “Kids Club” Child Care.