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Our customized opportunities simplify the process of investing, planning, developing, implementing and managing your club.

We work with each owner to design the right club that helps them achieve their goals and the diverse needs of their community.

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The fitness industry has changed consumers’ perceptions of fitness from that of a commodity to a necessity. Gym memberships are now thought of as stress-reducers, not indulgences, and the economic benefits of being healthy and “well” are what is pushing and stabilizing membership numbers.

A few years ago, in the throes of the recession, Money Magazine surveyed readers to learn what they would not sacrifice in the recession. Nearly half said they would not give up their health club membership – ahead of categories such as eating out and big vacations.

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$14.1 billion dollar industry

The Health and Fitness industry is a $14.1 billion industry, serving nearly 40 million members in the USA

  • Health club memberships are expected to grow 25% this year, reaching 50 million
  • Nearly a million people join health clubs each year, pushing membership to 41.3 million people nationwide
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss is a $44 billion dollar industry
  • Nationally, there is an increased awareness of exercise as an integral component to health and fitness
  • Globally, there is a greater focus on health and fitness and a strong demand for branded fitness centers

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growing trends

Consumer trends show that development will continue toward alternative fitness programming and classes as well as a continued growth among aging adults who are choosing to maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

The industry is strong and healthy, and there is plenty of room in the market for franchises to expand and serve the current and fast growing gym member population!

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Successful franchise opportunities are standardized in many respects, but can also provide flexibility in other aspects. Our customized opportunities simplify the process of investing, planning, developing, implementing and managing your club.

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We are in the business of motivating community to mobilize and energize one another. At Fitness:1440, it’s not just about weight and measurements. It’s about helping you spur one another on to achieve your goals and do more than you ever thought you could.