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Fitness – Group Classes – Personal Training


4110 N Mt Juliet Road
Mount Juliet, Tennessee 37122


Mt Juliet, TN

4110 N Mt Juliet Road
Mount Juliet, Tennessee 37122


Personal Training

Plenty of floor space and equipment to engage in your sessions.

Group Exercise

A variety of classes to inspire our members to achieve their goals.


A generous outlay of all your favorite, modern cardio machines.

Zen Studio

We provided quiet secluded areas for you to stretch, meditate and cool down.


Our Turf Training zone will be an excellent option for those who love to engage in Tire flips, TRX, Kettle bells, weighted sled training, or simply a space for stretching before/after your workout!


Target:24 who has the time to spend hours at the club. With Target 24 you only need 24 minutes to get a complete workout. this program combines both cardiovascular exercise and resistance training to form a powerful & fun workout in only 24 minutes. Used in combination with FitMetrix heart rate system you will make sure you are burning maximum amount of calories to get great results.

Smoothie Bar

When you workout, you burn calories and your body loses nutrients. These need to be replaced in order for you to recover from the exercise and repair your body. there are many specifics about nutrition that can affect your recovery.

Group Fitness

Zumba® – Bootcamp – Yoga – Target 24 and more..


We are in the business of motivating communities to mobilize and energize one another.

We’ve developed a simple, proven, science-based exercise program that redefines physical training, maximizes your total gym experience, and helps you achieve your fitness goals.