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Fitness 1440 Nashville-South, TN

Nashville South, TN


Nashville South, TN

63 East Thompson Lane
Nashville South, TN 37211
M-F: 7am-9pm


Personal Training

Plenty of floor space and equipment to engage in your sessions.


Enjoy your favorite films on high definition televisions while burning calories.

Group Exercise

A variety of classes to inspire our members to achieve their goals.


A generous outlay of all your favorite, modern cardio machines.

zen studio

We provided quiet secluded areas for you to stretch, meditate and cool down.

Group Fitness

We offer a variety of classes to ensure that every member can thrive as they achieve their goals, either in a group or one-on-one with a personal trainer.

Our enthusiastic instructors will ensure you have a blast and get results during our energized group workout sessions!

We’ve developed a simple, proven, science-based exercise program that redefines physical training, maximizes your total gym experience, and helps you achieve your fitness goals.


We are in the business of motivating communities to mobilize and energize one another.