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Fitness 1440 Reveals the Top Ten ‘Fail Proof’ Secrets to Making Your Fitness Resolutions a Reality

Read on for 10 Fail Proof Resolution Tips from our experts at Fitness 1440:

1. Visualize your end result. – Now with our FIT 3D Full Body Scanner. 

2. Get a fitness assessment to figure out your starting point and learn your strengths and weaknesses. Going forward, continue to get a fitness reassessment every eight to 12 weeks to track progress. —RJ SAVAGE, Fitness 1440 Athletic Director- Book Yours Now to get on track.

3. A goal without a plan is only a wish. Stop wishing you were in great shape and start mapping out a concrete plan to get there. Our New Year’s Resolution Builder can help…

4. Set small, achievable goals that build momentum. Long-term goals are important, but short-term goals provide bursts of motivation with each mini success.

5. Create a schedule to keep yourself consistent. 

6. Journal your exercise and dietary intake on a daily basis.

7. Change up your exercise routine every four to six weeks. Strive for consistent progression in your program so that every workout is a challenge.

8. Troubleshoot your excuses. Write them down, then ask yourself, “How would others respond to that?” You’ll be surprised at how impactful seeing them in writing can be!

9. When it comes to seeing results, be patient.

10. Tell your friends about your goals. This will create a support system and make you accountable to someone, so you’ll be less likely to ditch working out.