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In case you haven’t heard, group fitness is suddenly the biggest thing in exercise. More gyms are offering group fitness classes of all types, and more people are joining in on this ever-growing trend. Working out alone is no longer the cool thing to do. Workouts that involve lots of other people are everywhere, and there’s a good reason why: it works! Find out why you should be part of the group fitness trend, too.

Why Try Group Fitness Classes?

Group workouts are suddenly everywhere. Whether you’re looking for Zumba classes, P90X, or some other hot trend in workouts, you can find it in a group setting in a gym near you — along with standard, traditional workouts like yoga and general cardio. Group fitness is now considered one of many necessary and essential gym features, and fitness centers of all types are only too happy to comply. Fitness classes are highly popular. Why are people loving group fitness? The answer is simple: they work! There are lots of reasons why working out in a group setting is highly beneficial.

In fact, 36% of people who regularly exercise participate in some form of fitness class. Group fitness creates a socialized setting that’s a lot more fun for people than simply working out alone. Even if you keep to yourself and don’t talk to anyone, you still get the dynamic of having group support. You are still having a shared experience because you’re all going through the same thing together. Everyone is struggling to climb the same mountain, so to speak. Workout classes also allow you to watch an instructor and other participants live, so you can use them to gauge your own form and make sure you’re following the movements correctly. Proper form is everything in exercise. If you aren’t maintaining a good form while you work out, then you aren’t getting the most you can out of your workouts.

What Group Workouts Should You Try?

So, what kind of group fitness is going to work for you? The beauty of this trend is that you have a lot of options to choose from. Shop around in different types of fitness classes to find out what’s available and learn more about what you like to do. Group fitness options available to you may include bootcamp classes, which is an intense workout. You may want something a little bit lighter instead. Try out different things and see what suits you best. You can even mix it up a little, and try a class for a whole month before you move on. It’s a good idea to vary the exercise you get and wor out different muscle groups.

If you find a group fitness class that you truly enjoy, stick with it! You may end up forging new friendships that you never expected while you work on getting the body you’ve always wanted to have. Seek out a gym offering a wide range of options for group fitness, and start exploring all of your different options. After all, the only thing you have to lose is extra pounds!