Giving Back to our communities

We believe in vital, growing communities.

our pledge

There’s not a better way to empower community than through service. FITNESS:1440™ partners with each one of our clubs to support local programs and leave an impact on your community.

world changing commitment

At FITNESS:1440™, we want to support your community and fund the causes you believe in. Let us know how we can commit to changing your world.
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making a difference

Through our partnership with Sweat Angels, every gym member has the opportunity to make a difference in the world. Each time you check-in to your local gym’s Facebook page, Sweat Angels makes a donation to a great cause.


Free Trial Locations

We are in the business of motivating community to mobilize and energize one another. At Fitness:1440, it’s not just about weight and measurements. It’s about helping you spur one another on to achieve your goals and do more than you ever thought you could.