FITNESS:1440™ believes that if we make every minute count, we can create a positive change in ourselves and the world.

In keeping with our philosophy of Giving Back, FITNESS:1440™ is proud to offer the Sweat Angels program. Every time you check in on Facebook, you are partnering with FITNESS:1440™ to make a difference in your community.

what do i need to do?

Simply check-in to your local gym on Facebook when you arrive.

The Sweat Angels program does not cost you any more per month, it simply does more!

how does it work?

Every time you check in to your local gym on Facebook, we’ll give back to charities that are changing the world. To see your impact, take a look at the Sweat Angels display next time you’re in.

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We are in the business of motivating community to mobilize and energize one another. At Fitness:1440, it’s not just about weight and measurements. It’s about helping you spur one another on to achieve your goals and do more than you ever thought you could.