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FITNESS:1440™ works with achievers who are positive, confident, honest and passionate. We believe in doing business with people who want to invest in a business that changes lives.

If this sounds like you, then you are a perfect candidate for a FITNESS:1440™ franchise.

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Greatness In Action

Fitness 1440 Cochrane, Alberta, CA

perks of owning a FITNESS:1440™

FITNESS:1440™ is an established brand in the community that has positioned itself as one of the most reliable fitness clubs in the market. Owning a FITNESS:1440™ club allows you to enjoy the benefits and reputation that the company has created for itself.

FITNESS:1440™ will help you create a gym that matches your vision and the specific needs of your members in your particular community, all while maintaining our core values and brand integrity.

brand benefits

  • You begin your FITNESS:1440™ working directly with one of our founding members, not a franchise sales rep
  • Our business model is designed to help you launch your business with maximum profits
  • Our successful and proven business model will provide you with an edge over competitors
  • Our established name provides you with a powerful platform to grow your business in less time
  • We provide assistance with initial business set-up, yearly marketing plans and total staff training for the life of your business
  • Our team provides extensive on-going training for your business success
  • We help you select the best equipment for the specific needs of your community
  • We operate on 40%-50% less payroll than other clubs in the market
  • We provide you with turnkey branding and marketing packages
  • We are innovative and technologically advanced
  • Stay ahead of your competition with our Target 24™ and Fit Number™ programs
  • Our workout routines and programs follow the latest industry trends and a forward thinking approach
  • Our programs focus on results and solutions, not just access to equipment

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FITNESS:1440™ specifications

  • We offer customized club designs based on the location you choose for your business setup. Our clubs can be anything between 6,000 – 25,000 square feet
  • Our company strives to provide the most efficient and highly optimized solutions for individual club requirements
  • We are widely known for the variety of amenities we offer to our members: cardio movie theater, group exercise, personal training, full locker rooms, sauna, Zumba, Zen studio and more
  • FITNESS:1440™ believes in providing a competitive edge to the people on our team

financial requirements

FITNESS:1440™ has very simple criteria for joining our team:

  • Liquid capital of $100,000 – $250,000
  • Net worth of $200,000
  • Household income of $75,000
  • Minimum credit score of 650

what's it cost?

Many factors can impact the cost of opening a FITNESS:1440™ gym: geographical location, club size, amenities and equipment.

Regardless of your budget, we may be able to help you realize your dream of gym ownership.

How do I get started?

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We are in the business of motivating community to mobilize and energize one another. At Fitness:1440, it’s not just about weight and measurements. It’s about helping you spur one another on to achieve your goals and do more than you ever thought you could.