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Claire Lawson

Personal Trainer/Training Director

ISSA- Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA- Certified Fitness Instructor

Through my personal fitness journey, I discovered a passion for helping others reach their own health and fitness goals. I love working with clients in a one-on-one setting as well as leading group fitness classes. We only have one body and it needs to last a lifetime, so we need to take care of it! I believe that movement is food for the soul. Regular exercise reduces stress, enhances our emotional well-being, strengthens our muscles and bones, and reduces the risk of disease. These benefits and more are what I hope to bring to each and every member of Fitness1440!”

Brennah Mote

Personal Trainer

ISSA- Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA- Certified Nutritionist

“I decided to become a personal trainer when I realized my passion for weightlifting. I struggled with body image growing up, and weightlifting helped me. This has encouraged me to share my experience with others. I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist. I strongly believe that food is medicine for the body, and that I can help you reach your fitness goals.”

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