Want to lose weight? Stop smoking? Start meditating?

New Years is only a week away which means many of us are creating New Year’s resolutions. Chances are, this is not the first resolution that you have created.

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions often do not surpass January. Do not let this be you! Learn how to create a New Year’s resolution that is attainable.

Change One Behavior at a Time

We all have bad habits. However, trying to change more than one bad behavior at a time can be a recipe for failure. Decide which goal is your priority. Focusing on one goal at a time can improve your chance at success.

Develop Your “Why?”

At some point, you will get discouraged with your New Year’s resolution. You need to create a “why?” for when you want to quit.

Why do you want to stop eating wheat, practice yoga every day, or run a half marathon? Reflect on how you feel at the moment and how achieving your goal would change your life.

Outline a Plan

A plan will help you see the steps that you need to take to achieve your goal. For example, if you want to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year, plan a gym routine that is realistic with your schedule. A Fitness 1440 Personal Trainer can help create you an exercise and nutrition plan.

Track Your Progress

Get a journal for your resolution. Start by just writing down your goal and “why”. Notice when you overcame and broke down against temptations. Doing so can help you compare supportive environments to situations that you should avoid.

Ask for Support

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Find a few close family members or friends that you can reach out to when you are struggling to meet your goal. You could also discover community support groups that can help.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Everyone fails sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up when you eat the cookie… or two or three. Recognize that it happened and focus on doing better the next day.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a break! Reward yourself with a slice of pizza when you lose your ten pounds goal.

Stick to It

Changing a bad habit is tough. You will get discouraged and consider quitting at some point. However, keep in mind how good you will feel if you quit smoking, run the half marathon, or achieve your daily meditation practice.

Set yourself up for success this year! Fitness 1440 has personal training and fitness classes to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.