Let’s face it. Core workouts can get very routine. Almost everyone needs a new core exercise idea. Performing abdominal exercises on stability balls can be more effective than traditional floor-based exercises. By adding new moves on the stability ball, you can target your balance in addition to your core. Below are six stability ball workouts to intensify your core routine.

1. CrunchesFitness 1440 Stability Ball Crunches

A stability ball works more of your core than the traditional crunches because you have more range on the ball. You can extend further to strengthen your sides and back. This is a great learning move that is perfect for beginners who are new to using a stability ball. It’s the same basic workout that you would do on the floor but you can get way more out of it.

2. Wall SquatsFitness 1440 Stability Ball Wall Sits

Adding lower body conditioning with the stability ball can make up for some much needed leg exercise. Place the ball on the small of your back, and squat how you would normally do it with weights. The ball will roll up your back to the center and close to your shoulder blades. The ball will help you keep your balance and get much needed support. You can do this for a longer period of time than you would with weights, so keeping good form until you create a 90 degree angle with your knees is key.

3. Plank Push-UpsStability Ball Plank Pushups

Elevated push-ups can help maximize several regions of your body that are involved with the exercise. Standard push-ups are fine, but if you really want to kick up your workout and add in core, back and more shoulder burn, try doing the plank push-ups with the support of the ball. It’s the same basic form as a standard push-up but you should start with your stomach on the ball and gradually move your body forward until your feet and shins are on the ball. Planting your feet on the ball challenges your balance. Keep your abs engaged to help stabilize your body.

4. Back ExtensionFitness 1440 Stability Ball Back Extensions

Similar to the lower body, the back is neglected and forgot about just as often. A great way to increase your core strength is to increase your back strength overall. It’s hard to have one without the other, but many people just focus on the abs because of its visual importance. For the back extension, lay on your stomach on the ball. Extend your legs out straight behind you, touching your toes on the floor. You can put your feet against a wall for added stability. Lift your chest off the ball with your arms outstretched, in a “V” position.  You can leave your arms crossed in front of your chest for added support.

5. Leg CurlsStability Ball Leg Curls

Leg curls uses a very controlled movement to lift and lower your body weight.  The exercises works your lower core, hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Start by lying on your back with your hands level to your waist. This will help you maintain balance. You can move your arms out a few inches to get more balance. Place the heels of your feet near the center of the ball and pull the ball in. You will end up with your knees pointing to the sky. Your shoulder blades and arms should remain on the floor the entire time for best results.

6. Leg TucksStability Ball Leg Tucks

Leg tucks begins in plank push-up position. Your legs will be outstretched with your shins on the ball. Your shoulders are elevated over your wrists.  Slowly pull your knees in and down. Your lower body and buttocks should arch toward the sky. Keep your shoulders and hands as still as possible. Leg tucks will be more intense, the closer you tuck in your knees.