March 28th, 2018

Strength Training for Runners

Written by Fitness 1440 on March 28, 2018

Runners often think that to run faster, you need to run more. However, strength training can help you run faster, longer, and prevent injuries. A primary concern of strength training for runners is assuming muscles...

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How-To Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

Written by Fitness 1440 on March 22, 2018

Life keeps us busy! With work and family, exercise can be overlooked. Thankfully, there are ways to fit working out into your daily routine. Try these tips to keep exercise part of your life: Turn...

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Six Stability Ball Exercises for Your Core

Written by Fitness 1440 on February 22, 2017

Let’s face it. Core workouts can get very routine. Almost everyone needs a new core exercise idea. Performing abdominal exercises on stability balls can be more effective than traditional floor-based exercises. By adding new moves...

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